The importance of styling | Lotta agaton X ArkDes

With Lotta Agaton being one of my favourite stylist for years it was no surprise Swedish Residence Magazine asked her to curate a selection of products by Note Design Studio for an exhibition of styled scenes at Stockholm’s ArkDes architecture museum. I really love these kind of installations, and wish I could see it in real life.

Note Design studio has won this years Residence Magazine Designer of the Year 2015 award and therefor their collection was used to show the importance of styled images for communication to consumers. Getting press releases off new collections on a daily base I can only agree on this, half of them I throw away right away because they totally don’t fit my blogs aesthetic and other don’t make it because of their terrible product only pictures, or unimaginative photo’s.

Lotta Agaton: “Today, it is almost impossible for a designer or company to launch a new piece of furniture without a well-styled image, it has become so essential that it is now a part of the designer’s creative process. A piece of furniture or a project is not complete until it has been depicted in an image”. The way in which we consume images has changed greatly in recent years, primarily through social media, and this has affected how we package and sell furniture,”

photography by Kristofer Johnsson | Styling Lotta Agaton | via Dezeen