April 1, 2016

5 new IKEA collections | Vitality launch event at X Bank Amsterdam

Based on craft and natural materials glass designer and ceramist Ingegerd Råman designed the 'VIKTIGT' collection for IKEA. Traveling to Vietnam she learned how to work with materials such as bamboo and waterhyacint and thinking on what she would need for herself, she designed a collection of different pieces.

For me personally it was the collection I felt most connected with out of the 5 collections presented during the IKEA vitality launch event the other day at X BANK. A night where the different designers were present to tell the story behind their design collaboration with IKEA and we got to see the new collections.

I was really curious to see the 'Viktigt' collection I have my eyes on for my patio and try out the furniture of which most is produced by local craftsmen in Vietnam. Next to the black chair and bench, which is really comfortable, the collection consist of several baskets, two different dining chairs, stools, a beautiful lamp, plant hangers, glassware and a black and white dinner set... I want it all! Viktigt will be available in stores from May 2016 as a limited edition

Other collections presented were those of fashion designers Katie Eary, GILTIG and Walter Van Beirendonck, GLÖDANDE, Tanya Long showed her picture for the IKEA Art  event 2016. New also is ANVÄNDBAR, an IKEA collection that takes a hands-on approach to a sustainable life at home and make it easy to do at least one small thing every day that is good for the planet. Available from April 2016 as limited editions.
In Dutch: 5 nieuwe IKEA collecties

Pictures ©IKEA


Millie Simon said...

Amazing images, great post x

Millie x

SAS-je said...

Jammer dat ik je gemist heb! De viktig collectie is pas vanaf mei verkrijgbaar ;)

Pipistrello Rosso said...

Beautiful photos and great ideas

Liz said...

Nice :) The lamp is a killer!

Jamey said...

Stoeltje ziet er leuk uit maar zit ie ook convertabel ?

Edenbridge said...

A friend of mine had recently bought a table from the VIKTIGT collection. What can I say - exquisite design and quality for a reasonable price. That is why IKEA has always been and will be number 1 furniture company.

Pippa Clark said...

What can I say... Scandinavian design is a Scandinavian design.

Jessie Elliot said...

The 'VIKTIGT' collection by IKEA is awesome. I have to go there asap! And is is designed by local craftsmen in Vietnam. Great.
Love, Jessie
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