April 4, 2016

Amazing Bed and Breakfast on the Swedish countryside

Catching a glimpse of this concrete space and recognizing the hand of Marie Ollson was all it took for me to fall in love with this home and Bed and Breakfast. Marie and her husband worked for over a year to renovate this old farm on the Swedish countryside into an amazing Bed and Breakfast for the couple that lives here.

What we see is a raw concrete space with warm wooden elements and a bit of 'French' drama. 
I really love this kind of atmosphere and Marie's way of decorating with huge objects just like we see in her own home. I can only imagine the look from the windows after some snow has fallen... and I still want those daybeds!

Rent this via Air BnB: Fröken Hjorts
See Marie's home here: Marie Olsson Nylander home in Höganäs

pictures © Fröken Hjorts


Millie Simon said...

Amazing images, this place is beautiful x

Millie x

Delphine R2M said...

Love the contrast between the old classical lions statues and the modern and contemporary furniture!

Sam said...

Hm...it looks a bit strange to me.. Like empty, or not really like a home, but I kind o like it :)

Gardening Eton Wick said...

Astonishing design!Please tell me where can I buy this awesome leather setee from? (the next to the wall)

Doris Leslie Blau said...

Love the rusting feel of this Swedish lovely retreat!


Lilly Collins said...

Great place! I love everything but the ceiling. It's like the styles are messed. At least for me. Otherwise really good design.

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Miya Thomson said...

Wow, saw all of the pictures on AirBnb. This place is really amazing!

Jessie Elliot said...

Lovely pictures. I can see some professional hand here. Thank you for sharing.

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Shelley Street said...

colours and simplicity are superb..

Shelley Street said...

colours and simplicity are superb!