April 6, 2016

NOBODY HAS TO KNOW | No size // No age // No gender

NHTK is an Amsterdam based fashion brand and store with a private label and two stores in Amsterdam. NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is about putting everything you can wear into a new perspective by not distinguish people by age, size or gender.

"Through our garments we create an open-mindedness and fluidity in society towards age, size and gender. Therefore we inspire people towards a fashion-attitude that it is just about the cut, the shape and the character of the garment, rather then seek approval from society or to follow set norms".

"We aim to create a world where everyBODY is free to wear what they love and what reflects their own personality. We trigger people to reconsider and revalue the traditional standards in fashion" ....'Wear what you love. The rest? NOBODY HAS TO KNOW.'

NHTK stores can be found at Ceintuurbaan 320 and Keizersgracht 469 Amsterdam more Amsterdam hotspots in my Amsterdam city guide APP and blog

pictures ©vosgesparis | except for first and last two via NHTK


Pippa said...

I'm not very keen on unisex fashion, but I like the slogan Wear what you love.

Stephanie Koster said...

Ziet er goed uit Dees! afgelopen zaterdag met mijn nichtje die in Amsterdam woont een rondje winkels en andere leuke dingen bekeken in de stad. Zoveel te zien, binnenkort weer. Ik hou van afwijkende winkels ;-)



Millie Simon said...

This is a great post, really love the meaning behind the brand x

Millie x

Sarah said...

Waw! This brand is amazing! I prefect young, European brands which do not use modern slavery and some of them are sustainable. They have shops only in Amsterdam?


Amelie said...

I love it! I've never heard of this brand before, but I like their statement. I think we should appreciate people the way they are, their personality, not outlook.

Ema said...

Interesting idea. I love to wear white and black

Datchet said...

Interesting brand. Dark and simple shapes...I would definitely wear NHTK garments.

Lilly Collins said...

Amazing photos. Inspirational. I love how the photographer has caught the signs on the wall and the reflection when you look in the mirror. Great. Would definitely look at some of the designs.
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Eton Gardeners said...

Casual and dark, NHTK kind of reminds me of a popular Icelandic brand called Elabel.