A Limited series of burned by WDSTCK | Gallery visit

I have a view designer brands that I really love, and some time ago I was invited by one of them to visit their gallery and workspace. The gallery of WDSTCK is located in a forest at Naarden and on arrival I already spotted different floating divan’s hanging from the trees.

Inside we were welcomed by a nice fire, and a bearskin on the floordifferent pieces were beautiful showcased against the grey painted walls and concrete floor, we had coffee at the long table with lamp ‘sublight’ above, and I got to try out the ‘memento’ chairs, I would love to have one for my home as it suits my new masterplan that involves lots of steel, concrete and striking white painted walls.


Limited series of burned
New in the collection is the limited series of burned floating divan’s and Horny chunks  WDSTCK: 
“In our research for a woodworking method to create an intense blackness, we discovered an ancient method from Japan. This intensive and time-consuming technique burns away the soft parts of the wood and reveals the beautiful and muscular forms of the branches. Instead of adding an extra layer of lacquer, the inner structures of the wood are unveiled. As an additional advantage the wood is well preserved from weather, rot and insects by using a non-toxic method.” yet another object I really love!


House of WDSTCK

After a coffee we had a walk through the wood to have a look at the latest project: the HOUSE OF WDSTCK. The future showroom of 7000 m3 is slowly but steady taking shape and will also be used as an event and meeting location. On the same plot there’s also a hut for rent that can be used for meetings, find some images of the hut at the end of this post. More info on the website




Photograpy ©Vosgesparis | Photo 1/5/6 by james cheng tan | Photo 2/7 WDSTCK