An industrial home by architect Johan Israelson

It’s nearly 5 years ago I wrote a blogpost about the home of Johan Israelson, I am a huge fan of his style and the first home I blogged about had some amazing rooms. I am pretty sure that if you love a brut concrete and industrial vibe you must have seen the pictures, as they were all over the internet for years after. If not have a look here at the home A punkrock interior with a decadent attitude .

After that first home I found another home by his hand that went viral because of it being really amazing and beautiful styled by Tina Hellberg and photographed by Johan Sellen, have a look at that one here A raw industrial apartment in Sweden.

Today I love to show you another home by his hand with again lots of concrete, steel and wood. It is the home of his cousin Tony and his wife Asa Löfling. Johan rebuilt their old goldsmith shop to a big family home, the sliding doors, glass partitions and dining table are all designed by Johan.  

styling Tina Hellberg | photography Johan Sellen | found on Elle Decoration