June 24, 2016

A masculine 3d loft designed by Tharik Mohammed

Indian based 3d designer Tharik Mohammed, currently working in Singapore used Black, gray, wood, and a little white to design this masculine 3d apartment, I love the style of the apartment and the North European interior choices he made, he wouldn't be a bad interior designer at all don't you think! 

His goal though is to make amazing pieces of 3d digital art, starting to draw when he was a kid he is mainly focused on the quality of his work and likes to spend time with modelling, painting textures and setting lights in his scene. Pretty amazing don't you think.

via Behance


Taste of France said...

It's interesting, but....is that the bathroom with no walls? And what's under the loft? Storage? The entry? I assume the bike is for decoration only and not where it's kept between rides--it would be a pain to climb onto the bed to hang it or take it down every time you use it.
The openness and the monochrome tones are appealing, though. And all that light.

Millie Simon said...

Such a beautiful home x

Millie x

Margaret Haselwood said...

What a wonderful home.

I love the use of space and it's easy flow. The bike image is inspirational and the colour scheme is sublime. All in all it's a hit for me.

I think Tharik would be a very popular designer.


dmoore1c13 said...

So beautiful and simply done! Bathroom needs more privacy, what if a guest has to go? Even for a single person this is a problem... Install curtains?

Anna Moroz said...

Amazing place! Hope to have it one day as my own appartment! Will save the post, cause this is so inspirational!
Thanks alot for the post.