A new Bolia couch | Good things come to those who wait

I was invited to attend the Bolia design awards and presentation of the new collection later today but instead I am still in Amsterdam busy working on other projects. I would have loved to spend some time in Denmark but unfortunately you can’t be everywhere at the same time! I do have something to celebrate though as I am writing this blogpost from my new Bolia couch.

Some time ago I visited the Bolia store in Amsterdam, have a look here if you missed the news about the Amsterdam store: Scandinavian design | Bolia store in AmsterdamA visit to Bolia always comes with a coffee and some delicious Danish chocolates and this time I also got some great advice about the different couches, material and fabric, fabric that is all on display in the store and large enough to lay over the couches to get a good impression of the colour.

The most populair couches (Mr big, Scandinavia, North, Sepia, Angle) can be be found in the store and although I loved the huge greyish velvet lounge couch in the basement I choose a 3 sitter from the Scandinavia range. I had a very comfy and deep lounge couch for years but was up for something more clean and minimalistic and the Scandinavia in a beautiful soft black is just the right size for both me and my home.

A week before arrival I received an email saying “Good things come to those who wait” with a link to a small personalized video announcing that my couch was about to arrive soon! I will keep on styling and redecorating my living in the coming weeks but for now I am happy with the result. Keep an eye on the Bolia website as there are great discounts campaigns all the time and even an online outlet, or bring a visit to one of the real stores.

Pictures ©vosgesparis