A container home in Finland

Container homes come in all sizes and colours, or even covered in wood and can be found practically everywhere from industrial plots to hidden in the woods or placed on a cliff at the seaside. I kind of like the idea of a container home as it seems almost like a home you can pick up and place in another town or country you would like to live.

This Summer home can be found in Finland at Hartola lake and is build out of 4 containers giving the family a 60 m2 living space and a terrace of around 54 m2. A container Firm combined the containers, placed electra, radiators, isolation and windows, the family uses old lakeside saunas to bath, and it took a day to place them near the lake where they were stacked side by side and two on top.

Pictures by Krista Keltannen
with thanks to 
Jonna Kivilahti, interior journalist  and blogger Mrs Jones