June 3, 2016

New pictures and green stories from my home | Samsung Galaxy S7

When asked to try and test the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone I immediately had to think of the funny video I had seen about the worst Instagram account ever! In the video, that I show you at the end of this post, Icelandic fisherman Rúnar Jónsson tells how he loves to makes pictures and put them on Instagram but because days can be dark in Iceland his pictures are all a bit vague and dark... till he got his new Galaxy S7 and started to make perfect pictures!

Addicted to Instagram and always on the look for an easy way to take the perfect picture for my blog I guess you understand I totally agreed on trying out this new Smart phone and it's camera. Over the last few days I have been getting used to this golden beauty, setup was really easy and Samsung even offer an On-The-Go Adaptor to easily transfer content, like messages, photos and contacts from a previous device to your new Galaxy device via USB connector. 

Enough geeky talk as I know what you and I love most are pictures, so I will let the images speak! 
In case you do love to know all technical aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 find them here! I thought it would be fun to photograph some of my favourite plant stores in town and my search for the perfect plants for a new corner at home. I am showing the first series of pictures I took in my 'shopping & stores' Pinterest album and on the blog the final result at home. I am really happy with the result of both the pictures made with the phone camera and my new corner. 

Most of the time when taking pictures at home I wait for a clear day and shoot early morning, I am pretty happy with the result of the pictures that I made in the afternoon, the picture above you can click on for a larger size to see for yourself.   

The phone has a Dual Pixel 12MP phone camera with sub pixel technology found in professional cameras that activates just like your eyes for split-second autofocus and like you can see Rúnar from Iceland showing in the video below it works great in darker circumstances... now I want to go back to Iceland to shoot some green nature and beautiful unfrozen waterfalls!

pictures ©vosgesparis | written in collaboration with Samsung 


Adam Barnett said...

Totally love the composition on the first photo.

Millie Simon said...

The camera seems amazing!! Love your home x

Millie x

Igor Josifovic said...

I think you are turning slowly into an Urban Jungle Blogger :-) You are always welcome! :-)

vosgesparis said...

Thank you Adam :)

vosgesparis said...

It is! Thank you so much for your lovely comments Millie!

vosgesparis said...

Haha I guess we are all turning into urban jungle bloggers, I should try to pick up the UJ challenges more often :)

Betty Davies said...

Great phone great pictures. Simple as that. You are doing great. Keep going and do not look back. As much as I want to take such awesome pictures I cannot allow this phone. Soon I will ;)