Perfect Imperfect | Canberra Book launch exhibition

‘Perfect Imperfect: the beauty of accident, age & patina’ is the new book from Sydney based writer and editor Karen McCartney, stylist Glen Proebstel and photographer Sharyn Cairns who also shot the pictures of the launch party . I have to admit I did not buy this book yet!, but after seeing these pictures and reading the interview I certainly will have a closer look at it. Karen McCartney, founding editor of Inside Out Magazine would regularly collaborate with Glen and Sharyn and worked with Tracy Lines as her art director during the years she remained editor of the magazine. 

With many spectaculair editorial features made for the magazine the three came together to create Perfect Imperfect a book filled with beautiful homes, studio’s and creative spaces of many international and Australian creative people next to hotels and shops.

These are pictures of the exhibition for the book launch at the Nishi Gallery, Hotel Hotel in Canberra, the last four pictures are from the book itself. An interview with Karen can be found at the Design Files, a blog I read since my first blogging years, and started around the same time I started Vosgesparis early 2008, Check it out!

Pictures © Sharyn Cairns | Found via the Design files