The new SVÄRTAN collection by Martin Bergström

Almost a year ago I attended the launch of the IKEA 2016 catalog and attended a workshop by Fashion designer Martin Bergström, one of the designers collaborating with IKEA on a new collection. We got a sneak peek of the SVÄRTAN collection, and this week IKEA released the first pictures of the metal bowls and table, glass bottles, cushions and a small stationery serie with books made out of handmade paper. 

With black next to grey and white being the main colour and materials such as metal, glass and wood, this collection screams vosgesparis don’t you think? The collection, inspired by Indian traditions will be available from September., what’s your favourite item?

Metal coffee table with tray

Wooden side tables with a tough and rugged look can also be used as a stools

pictures ©IKEA