Fatboy outdoor collection | PATIO update

Some time ago I showed you my patio wish list, I thought it was real fun to make and I hope you got inspired for your own garden maybe. After my last update a few days ago I love to show you on how it looks now.

Fatboy Formitable
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the small patio table already, it is the ‘XS Formitable’ by Fatboy, an affordable and cute table for a small corner, but if you have more place or just want a bigger table there is also the larger version the ‘Formitable XL’ which also offer the possibility of adding a parasol.

Also if you are looking for a parasol only with an elegant matching base, I would really recommend you to have a look at the site, the bases and parasols come in many colours including this black striped one. Once you are at the site have a look at the concrete seats as well, we used them during a blogger dinner and they are great for your garden too.

Fatboy is a Dutch label with a large collection of in and outdoor furniture including some really iconic pieces, often big and colourful, with surprising newcomers every year and unforgettable classics in fresh prints and indestructible fabrics. 
Have a look at the collection at the Fatboy website  

I tried repotting the grown bamboo from my garden, to created a small corner with it, but it was really hard so I got my self some grasses and will look for a new bamboo and give it some time to grow. Behind the table and chairs some green hanging over the fence will hide the transition between the wall and fence but like with all greens it will take time to grow. Still working on this green corner.

With the white tiles and fence I choose for black furniture and pots. The black bench I bought some time ago at IKEA and is from the Viktigt collection, one of the best collections from this year so far if you ask me. The chairs I found last year in Spain during one of my blogtrips when we visited Spanish Actiu and come in many colours. They are really comfortable and after selling all my white kitchen chairs I have used them in my kitchen all winter.

pictures © vosgesparis | parasol picture by Fatboy