How to make a picture frame with an industrial look | DIY

I got some questions about the object on my wall when showing the aluminium poster I got made by Profotonet the other day: A holiday memorie printed by Profotonet The ‘picture frame’ hanging next to it is made from a metal tray I bought at a Sissy Boy market some time ago and used to burn candles in during winter when it is getting a bit colder in my kitchen. It was locked away for some time but as I missed something next to the print I had to think about.

The material also really fits the story shown in the poster and the profession of the designers who together with Antonio Marras made the installation that got me to tears because it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in a long time, I love to create this stories in my own home with different old and new items, and I guess you can imagine how much I love my new poster.

The little object on the left is called Boe and is made by the same designers, ‘Bam design’, I bought it during Milan design week at the store of Antonio Marras, it functions as a bell and although it has the shape of a cow head, the sound reminds me of goats coming down from the mountains.

pictures ©vosgesparis