Flea market finds X Industrial | G-Style Book

As you might have discovered when looking back in time on the blog or maybe being a reader for all those years I started this blog to show my flea market finds, my style was different at that time, it was before minimalism and before I experienced the joy of decluttering and surrounding yourself with less and maybe more important only the things you really love.

I have sold almost all finds from that time and just kept a few of the items I collected, it was another area, we set up and shared stories in a great online community that partly still exists on Facebook. The other day I was looking at some blogs of old community members and found out that Gea from the blog G-Style is bringing out a her first book next month.

My own style might be more white, minimalistic and clean while combining design and black industrial pieces. Gea uses black, brown, grey, and white in her home and collects many unique and ‘crazy’ objects from old jugs, an antique fan, teeth that once belonged to a horse, sheepskins, wooden bread boards, to zinc water jugs. Her book not only shows her own home but also inspires on how to incorporate this style in your own home.

Available from September 23, order your copy at Liefde voor Brocante

pictures © G-Style