A second life for my IKEA Besta cabinets | My home

How are you doing all, are you enjoying Summer so far? After a warm and sunny start last month we have some grey and rainy days again, perfect for cleaning out a lot of stuff I haven’t been using for a long time or aren’t my taste after all. Some things deserve a new owner and since I have been changing a lot of things at home lately I am also selling some furniture. I love making space and meanwhile saving up some cash for new garden furniture. 

5 years ago my home was shown for the first time in a magazine, the former IKEA family live magazine, and from 2011 I wrote a monthly blogpost for two years for the IKEA family website, I remember writing a story about a make over with my Besta cabinets that was really populair, the site doesn’t exist anymore but I made a small post with some messy pictures about it on the blog too An IKEA Besta makeover 

With the brand new painted fence and vtwonen tiles I have so much more light in my living that I changed the layout towards the patio. Therefor the Besta cabinets had to go but I can not throw them away yet, and for the moment I placed them under my coat rack…. here is another back in time blogpost about the coat rack I designed, I don’t know if they will stay but for now I like it and it offers me some extra storage space.




pictures ©vosgesparis