Bedroom moodboard

Black, white, brown…. a bit of grey? Do you ever get tired of yourself, I do!  I have been selling tons of stuff lately to make place in my storage for furniture I recently bannend from my living, like the low besta cabinets and the huge black cupboard. For a few weeks the cabinets looked great in my bedroom | A second life for my IKEA Besta cabinets | but I got bored of them already and think it is time to really say good-bye to the plastic fantastic. 

I am getting a new mattress and as always something new asks for a change, well…in my world it does! I think it is what most bloggers love to do, changing our homes, making new corners and still life’s whenever we find an excuse, I love it and it is what makes me happy.

Most of the time I have great decorating plans but halfway I ‘calm down’ and go back to a more minimalistic approach, I actually just love black and white photography and a few brutalist design pieces more then creating cozy corners. Creating coziness in combination with the huge amount of concrete and black at home is something I am still mastering!  

photo vosgesparis | last picture by Livet Hemma