The Uncut | A new collection by NHTKSTUDIO.

For today’s post I teamed up with the designers of NHTK who launched their new collection today. NHTK is an Amsterdam based fashion brand and store with a private label and two stores in Amsterdam. I showed some pictures of the Amsterdam store on the blog before: NOBODY HAS TO KNOW | No size // No age // No gender

NOBODY HAS TO KNOW celebrates the launch of their in-house brand and private label NHTKSTUDIO. with the release of their first collection, THE UNCUT; a locally produced all denim collection designed and made to create combinable looks.

The silhouettes are straight and oversized to give you the opportunity to create your own preferable cut and shape and every item comes in 4 different denim washes. Hannah van Dijck: “Items can be reshaped or labeled to your own perception and desire. Visualize scissors, rough cut edges, frayed denim, big velcro tabs and embroidered patches with phrases like CARE and DON’T CARE.” NHTKSTUDIO.” Available from September 22nd

Fundament of both brand and label is the pursuit of a more tolerant and open-minded society. 
NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is about putting everything you can wear into a new perspective by not distinguish people by age, size or gender. With their collections and concept they inspire people towards a fashion-attitude that is just about the cut, the shape and the character of the garment, rather then seek approval from society or to follow set norms. Wear what you love. The rest? NOBODY HAS TO KNOW.