PIIPPU ceramic coffee and tea pot by Kaksikko | Habitare 2016

Operating under the name Kaksikko, meaning ‘duo’ in Finnish, Salla Luhtasela, a former confectioner and Wesley Walters, a Japanese interpreter, are in the process of completing their studies at the Aalto University. I met them and got to see their work in the young designers area while visiting Habitare in September. They are also the designers of the bar stool for Nikari I showed on the blog before.
The designs by the duo is characterised by skilful minimalism, combined with warm cosiness.

Wesly Walters: “Piippu is a small coffee pot and filter holder inspired by abandoned machinery in Helsinki that remains standing despite having outlived its original purpose. These objects often possess an unusual aesthetic balance in their utilitarian forms that is heightened by the mystery of their intended function. Pipe joints, funnels, cylinders, rust and corroded metals all served as visual inspiration for the form and surface treatment of this tableware set.

The pot holds two cups and is ideal for one or two people. The funnel-shaped filter holder directs coffee through a hole in the lid and is weighted to keep it stably in place. Once removed, the hole can be used as a finger hold to remove the lid or filled with a cork plug when the pot is used for tea. The pot is made of porcelain with a black engobe finish, gray unglazed porcelain, or white gas-fired porcelain. The filter holder is made of turned ash or gas-fired porcelain.”

For now the coffee and tea pot is exclusively sold at Lokal in Helsinki and an online design shop in New York, the duo is planning to sell on a larger scale via Finnish design shop and is picked up by a Danish brand! More info on Piippu can be find Studio Kaksikko

Pictures ©Chikako Harada | last picture ©Riika Kantikoski

Found at Habitare 2016, Finland’s leading event for furniture and interior decoration and design, find all my posts about Helsinki under ‘habitare’ and have a look at this Habitare Pinterest album