December 15, 2016

A black marble kitchen | Home of Thomas Schlosser

A stunning light apartment with deep blue stained floors, and a beautiful kitchen build out of black marble and teak, and like most Danish homes filled with classic Danish furniture, welcome to the home of Thomas Schlosser, by design enthusiasts known from tv and the store Klassik in Bredgade in Copenhagen.

Surf to Bo Bedre for more pictures and to get to know more of this home, unfortunately the google translation was pretty mixed up when I was trying to figure out more about this home.

pictures © Kira Brandt


Johanna [Taloja ja Toiveita] said...

Black marbel look realy amazing! I have been a big fan of white/grey marble, but nos also balck will be added to this list. Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos!

Millie Simon said...

Sooo gorgeous, absolutely love it xx

Millie x