Hollywood mirrors for a Rock ‘n Roll Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas yet? As you might have noticed, I have Christmas lights and candles around the home all year round, so you might say I am all set and done!. Like every year we will get together at home with the family, and enjoy each other’s company over a glass or two of Glögg and a nice meal, something we should do more often I realize.

When searching for Christmas presents I came across https://www.hollywoodmirrors.co.uk/. They immediately reminded me of all the backstage shots of musicians, getting ready to go on stage. I used to have a few of these Mick Rock photographs in my hallway, classic pictures he took of heroes like Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed in their early days.

These mirrors belong in every dressing room, and I realised this would be the perfect gift for my daughter who loves Rock N’ Roll and dressing up. She grew up listening to my Bowie records, and continued to steal these records to become a DJ and get herself a job in the music industry.

On the site of the mother and son company (whose biography and blog stories put a smile on my face) you will find a selection of different mirrors, all with the same glamorous style! The one I picked is available in different sizes and both in black or white, either with a glossy border or with the bulbs mounted directly on the mirror. For the picture I chose to have it leaning on the table but you can easily mount the mirror on the wall as well. Happy Holidays!

pictures © vosgesparis