A Scandinavian home in grey tones by Lotta Agaton

Intrigued by their beauty I spent some time looking at the pictures of the dark grey home of Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton. I really like this dark mood and also at my own home I am looking for a darker atmosphere for some time, over the last year I have replaced several furniture by darker pieces. It feels good but still isn’t what I have in mind and I think I should take it a bit further, not by painting walls and ceiling but by adding a darker floor. 

As said it a few times, I am really bad in making decisions for my own home and will always find myself drawn to both light and dark. I love to change things around though and I am not afraid to try out something new and are already thinking further then ‘just’ the floor, I see new cabinets and beautiful leather handles, a new tabletop for my metal kitchen table and who knows what else will come in mind… I will keep you posted, for now enjoy this beautiful home. 

Pictures by Pia Ullin