BAM Design and Carnival traditions from Sardinia | imm 2017

I have always loved to add something unexpected to my interior, something imperfect that maybe isn’t meant to use the way I use it, something that has a meaning only to me, something I found, a stone from a place I love, the old door handle my daughter brought home after visiting the old home of her grandmother in Sardinia.

Memories and our past is what makes us to the people we are now, and without a doubt next to being Dutch a part of me is strongly connected with Sardinia, the island the father of my children is born and where we spent long summers as a family. On Instagram I really enjoy following Antonella, a photographer from from Sardinia, I love to see the streets and beaches where I ‘lived’ and learning more about the rich history and traditions of the island.

Last year In Milan I met two designers from Nuoro and bought a small souvenir from them at their exhibition. Wanting to bring some personal memories and designers I love to imm I thought it was a great way to combine the two and invited BAM design to showcase their artistic metal work in my stand.

You might have seen the Boes on the table, the work in which the mighty ox and the sound of its bell is combined into a unique metal work on a marble base. Also their plants caught my eye and I actually spotted more cacti lately made out of in different material, watch this space… the fico d’india could easily be the new pineapple in design!

I have been asked in an interview how I wanted people to react when passing the booth and actually thought… I just want them to see something that make them wonder… what is this! 

Because of that and to express my connection with Sardinia I choose to hang four huge images on the wall made at the Sardinian Carnival. Only few people knew where they were made and I guess lots of people wondered what these images were about. 

My thought was that if people were intrigued by them they will maybe ask, and if not they might keep wondering and that would be fine too, the stand strongly represent my personal taste and memories and people were welcome to come in, and just like in real life some will come and go and other will stay a bit longer. 

Pictures of the traditional Carnival masks in Sardinia Boe in Ottana by Cristiano Cani

Carnival in Ottana is one of the island’s most fascinating and well-known. The various costumes which characterise the celebrations are genuine artisan works of art which reflect the Carnival’s ancient traditions. The two main figures are Sos Boes (the oxen), who wear wooden masks with long horns, and Sos Merdules (the peasants), who try to keep the oxen (Boes) in control. The latter run riot through the crowd, they rebel and throw themselves on the Merdule who try to control them with ropes and sticks.

Is Mustayonis e S’Orku Foresu in Sestu by Cristiano Cani

The Carnival in Sestu is one of the few traditional carnivals in the south of Sardinia and offers a magical atmosphere and fascinating, ancient rituals. The representation pivots around the essential elements of death, water, earth and rebirth. The main character is S’Orku Foresu, the animal destined to be sacrificed.

The character is wrapped in a dark animal skin and wears a head-piece with long horns. He is controlled by the Mustayonis, who keep him tied up with rope. S’Orku tries tirelessly to escape from his keepers but he is continually yanked back and beaten. Each time he falls to the ground lifeless he is revived with a handful of straw and a drop of water.

Artisanal handicraft metal work | Boes (Oxen) by BAM Design

BAM Design
The history of BAM Design dates back to mid 1800 when Nicola Bruno moved to Sardinia to work as a local coppersmith and tin craftsman. Nowadays his grandson Tonino has established with his sons, Vittorio and Andrea, their metalwork business specialized in wrought-iron, copper, brass and steel decorative and artistic products. Vittorio and Andrea combine the Bruno family know-how with the experiences and abilities of present-day handicraft and design, in the continuous search for beauty, quality and creativity. 

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