Asemi Co. pottery | Mono Japan

Last weekend I visited Mono Japan, a cultural event at the Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel showcasing selected and lesser known products from Japan. It is an intimate event where you can meet the Japanese craftsmen and woman and learn more about the story behind the products that are not only showcased  in the different rooms of the hotel, but also up for sale.

I fell in love with a few companies and after strolling through all rooms I bought myself a large Bizen-Yaki cup because of it’s almost metal and industrial look. The Bizen ware made by the artisan Kiko Ando in Bizen, Okayama for Asemi Co. is made with the oldest form of Japanese pottery produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces a year because of it’s intensive making process. To see different finishings and more info about the making process have a look at the website Asemi Co. More info about the event can be found here Mono Japan 

pictures ©vosgesparis | 2-5 Asemi Co.