A brutalist concrete villa in a former factory

A former underwear factory in Potsdam, fifteen minutes from Berlin has become the home of architect Arno Brandlhuber. The bunker liking 5,500-square-foot rough concrete cube was bought it in 2012 as his weekend home and he and a group of friends spent a day hacking away part of the upperfloor walls till they had four huge openings. Brandlhuber then glued glass on the inside of the openings, making them into functional windows, at night, when the building is lit from within, the structure appears both sinister and slightly otherworldly. 

The ‘Antivilla’ is decorated with some necessarily items and decorative art pieces only. Info about the project via NY Times, more of Brandlhuber’s work can be found here and in this other post I wrote with a video interview with the architect: A second look at the concrete Antivilla in Berlin

pictures via brandlhuber