T-Fish rug collection by Caterina Frongia | Sardinian craft

The day I wrote a post about my connection with Sardinia and how I used the island as an inspiration for my stand at IMM: BAM Design and Carnival traditions from Sardinia | imm 2017 I received an email from a girl who moved to Amsterdam and as a long time reader of my blog was really surprised to find out my connection with the Island she was born. Not long after that we met and talking about her former job, she showed me the work of Caterina Frongia.

Caterina is a self-taught designer, who in 2005 created t-fish®, a small collection of rugs manufactured in Sardinia with the typical working technique of Sardinia rugs. I was curious to see the rugs with my own eyes and was really happy to have the possibility to work with Caterina and see them in my own home. Not only do they perfectly fit the dark floor, they are beautifully handmade and super soft.

Sardinia has a long tradition of weaving and carpet making, and I remember the many small workshops in the village. The rugs of Caterina are a contemporary interpretation of the original Sardinian rugs. I choose for the overall black and white with some green and blue details, but the rugs come with many different colour accents and designs.

For more information on how to purchase or get a customised handmade rug contact Caterina at contact@tfish.it or visit her website: T-fish 

photography © vosgesparis