A new table at home | Pols potten

I really should pop in more often at Pols Potten, like I did the other week. Wandering through the store I came across this small and unique table by pols potten studio, and I immediately fell in love with the shiny look and colour. It is a one of a kind sample model which is not gonna go in production, meaning there is only one or maybe a few more only. Of course I did realized I fell for a metal table again and there is a bit to much of metal in my home already…. never the less I don’t care and brought it home where it is adding a matte light touch to the living.

I love small changes to the room and most off the time one new addition makes me change other things, like in this case, changing the square Ay Illuminate lamp in the living for the round one which was in the bedroom. There is so much to see at Pols Potten every time I visit and I could completely refurbish my home  with the many amazing furniture and accessories that can be find in the store. In case you are looking for something metal and shiny like this table, there are different small and bigger models to choose from at the Amsterdam store or online

pictures © vosgesparis // product pictures © pols potten

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