A new update from my living | Lampe Gras N214 and a side board

I think choosing the right lamps for your home can be a real struggle, it is all about finding a balance between creating atmosphere and having enough light when you want to read or work. I am not a fan at all of bright illuminated rooms and actually just love to only illuminated the corners together with some candles on the coffee table. 

With the long sideboard I recently created along the wall in my living, the layout of the room changed as well. I just tried to ignore the television screen I still have and for the first time in years my couch is not standing along one of the longer walls or in front of the tv, which gives the room a more dynamic feeling. I love this sideboard to function as a little gallery of the things I love most at the moment, and above there are just the four shelves by Danish Menu and a one by one meter poster from Love warriors. 

For years I had the same oversized desk lamps in my living and to be honest I got really tired of them, and from the moment the sideboard was finished I could imagine the Lampe Gras N214 I always had my eye on, but never knew where to use, in the far left corner. Isn’t it a great feeling when you imagine something and it looks the way you saw the picture in your head !

Along with two other lamps, which I placed on the side board, pictures coming soon, there is a nice balance and the best thing of the Lampe Gras is that it can not only be used above the side board but as I placed it in the corner also can be turned and function for the smaller wall. Both the lamp and poster you see in the pictures are available online at the Couleur Locale web-store or in their physic stores in Knokke or Antwerp

Lampe Gras by DCW Editions – Paris
The Lampe Gras N214 wall lamp is designed by Bernard-Albin Gras, one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century and I first discovered the brand years ago in Paris during an inspiration trip. This lamp combines all the good things of a desk lamp and a wall lamp and attached to the wall it is a real space saver.

Early on Le Corbusier was seduced by the modern design and user-friendliness of the lamps and became one of Bernard-Albin Gras’s most enthusiastic supporters using the lamps in his own offices as well as employing them in numerous architectural projects all over the world. Next to the lamp you see in the pictures there are several other models to choose from, depending on where you want to use them, my next project will be to make a good lighting project for my kitchen, have a look at the whole light collection here 

pictures ©vosgesparis