August 7, 2017

Massimo CPH and The Lab Copenhagen

As you noticed I am thinking a lot about the changes at home and on the search for ideas to combine my love for both dark and light. I love this process and my so called Masterplan 2.0 for the long term. It is a creative process where I tend to try out things and see if they work and make me happy. An important change I noticed is that I need less and less to be happy and rather treasure a few pieces I carry with me for some time then running after trends that do not completely fit my idea of happiness.

Occasionally I show some pictures on the blog that connect with the process in my head, some shots from my home or inspiring pictures like the one above that come close to my idea of perfection. 
Most of the time there is a bit of imperfection in the picture, something raw, metal or unfinished, just like the picture above where the combination of the old gymnastic mats and industrial windows made my heart beat faster. 

A picture Therese Sennerholt made at The Lab, an atmospheric industrial building in Copenhagen and one of Denmark’s leading photo studios and rental services and a meeting point where the best photographers meet. 

When I came across a picture of Massimo Copenhagen who used the studio to photograph some of their bamboo and Earth Bamboo rugs I thought of showing you some of the rugs of this design company I was looking at as I have been thinking a light rug might do the trick in combination with a dark floor to bring in that sparkle of light I am after.

I have little experience with rugs, bought some at IKEA for my own home and used some brilliant but way above my own budget in my stand at IMM, What do you think, what is your experience with rugs or which one do you think would look great in my home? I am kind of charmed from these bamboo rugs in an earthy, cream or grey shade.

The creative team of Massimo is designing innovative hand knotted and handwoven rugs for the contemporary home. Each rug is unique and entirely handmade based on centuries-old tradition and technique, seeking to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present using the finest natural yarns. Txt taken from Massimo Copenhagen.

pictures by Massimo Copenhagen | first picture by Therese Sennerholt


Home Made Stories said...

For me, the most amazing rug European rug company with a great philosophy is Spanish brand Nani Marquina. Her new Mia co-creation rugs are fab and I also like her Natural collection. Have a look.

Collette Peek @ Nordic Blends said...

We just finished the rug decision making process and ended up with a Bamboo rug by Massimo Copenhagen. It is our first rug and we really wanted to make the right choice for our Scandinavian style home. There are so many rugs on the market and although tempted to buy a cheap one that we could throw out if we got tired of it, we decided to go for quality, durability and style. To make the best impact a rug should be large and fill a major part of the area! Bamboo has a luxurious and subtle shine that gives a lot of charachter and a nice, soft feel to the carpet. Wool is a bit stronger but doesn't have the coveted shine. Colour: a dark rug will look very chic and masculine but could make an already dark room (e.g. on the north side) even darker and a bit gloomy. It will look great though in a light room or on a dark floor. We chose the light grey option because it will fit the Scandinavian colour scheme anytime and it gives a brighter look. But I'm thinking of maybe having a light summer and a dark winter rug later on. And last but not least: shape! If your living room has many square shapes, consider a big round rug to soften up the look.