Bespoke objects by Arno Declercq

Arno Declercq is a Belgian designer and art dealer who makes bespoke objects with passion for design, atmosphere, history and craft. Previously working as an interior designer he opened his own gallery for ethnographic art and design but closed the store after a year and started his own brand of rough bespoke items which he launched in May 2017. 

If you read my blog for some time, you know I have a love for distinct objects, for the raw and unexpected, and though materials like steel and dark wood. Realizing there are too few interiors where they no longer have the big and static vases and candlesticks that the people had in big houses over 100 years ago.


Arno now creates unique pieces made of tropical hardwood called Iroko which he discovered after a trip to West Africa combined with Belgian Oak and treated with a Japanese technique where the objects are burned to protect the wood from weathering and subsequently fixed to get a patina look as long as possible. Strolling through Instagram and his pictures I realized I saw his work at Oliver Gustav and on my pictures, as showed below on the table. More info at Arno de Clerq




picturesby Arno Declercq with thanks | second picture ©vosgesparis