Modern potpourri and stylish bathroom ideas in muted colours

It has been a few years I have been searching for probably some of the last first versions of the Lava potpourri boxes by Mad et Len, until last week when I spotted the large black metal box in a picture on the Instagram account of Bad in Form.  Call me crazy but I immediately went to their website to contact them and see if they could sent me that special box! Bad in Form is the leading Antonio Lupi distribution partner in Austria. Their showroom in Vienna let you capture the fascination of perfect Italian bathroom design and a range of different bathroom products.

Talking of bathroom potpourri makes me think of ugly dried flowers that has lost both their scent and colour and therefor I loved to see how Bad in Form presents Mad et Len as a potpourri that can also used in the bathroom. I have a growing collection of Mad et Len at home and use the scented oil, that can be sprinkled over the stones, also in my bathroom together with some lava stones from Iceland. Pictured below one of the smaller boxes, I will make some picture of the large potpourri box later.

Minimalism is key
Although my bathroom is really tiny and far from stylish I do love to use dark colours and have a crush for beautiful and stylish bathroom items. I think the bathroom is the place at home where minimalism is key and only a few items, next to those you use on a daily base and can’t hide in a cupboard, should be on display. And why not use something unexpected, a marble vase as seen in one of my latest blogposts to carry your jewellery, a small tahini from Morocco for your soap. Also if you like materials like marble and stone have a look at the beautiful Salvatori bathroom line. For some bling use the Darkly mirror in brushed brass or the smaller Norm collector by MENU.

Use the beautiful boxes by Nomess, if you have space then use the larger Balsa box or a smaller version from the matchbox series, as seen in the collage and in my designer cabinet at imm last year. Something I also really love from Nomess is the small Konjac Sponge It is made from the Asian Konjac-plant which has been used be the Japanese for decades for skin care. Beside looking great in your bathroom it is a handy sponge to take with you when travelling as it takes up hardly any space and becomes perfectly soft when soaking in water. 

Miscellaneous store X a new collaboration
Choose refill bottles in a colour you love to create a clean look, I have a few the same bottles in brown bought a Muji for shampoo and things. Many brands sell beautiful bottles that look great in your bathroom. Handsoap is another thing I have a crush for, on top of my wish list the new line by Frama that we recently got to style and photograph at Amsterdam based store Miscellaneous more about that and my new collaboration with BeeldSteil later.  

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written in collaboration with Bad in form