A contemporary home with contrast and character | TRNK New York

Some time ago my eye caught the beautiful daybed pictured above from the TRNK collection, I think it actually was the total image that did it for me, the beautiful colours of the daybed, and the industrial window. An image that brought me to the website of New York based TRNKI immediately fell in love with their style and have been following them on Instagram ever since. The other day when reading an article on Decor8 by my friend Allan of Bungalow5 I came across them again and it reminded me of the pictures I saved some time ago. 

The home of co-owner Tariq Dixon is located in Stuyvesant Heights, the landmark leafy section of Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighbourhood and has been shown in Rum magazine before. I think it is a great place and just like their collection shows a beautiful curated selection of furniture from both their own brand, Frama and more, art work, nice photography, amazing lamps, displayed objects and again my favourite rug from Nani Marquina. Check out their website for lots of inspiration and their carefully curated collection.

TRNK Philosophy
Our ideal home is considered, yet approachable. It’s masculine, but not trite. It feels collected, not decorated. We’ve hand-picked a unique assortment that together strike this rare balance – a contemporary home, rich with contrast and character.

pictures Courtesy TRNK