Ultra Black is the new Black | Philips 4k OLED Television

Hello from Sweden, where I am currently enjoying the amazing Vipp shelter, total silence, trees, stones, mos, a lake and a cozy fire burning all evening. In my previous post I mentioned we got a new television over Christmas, and did you noticed I painted a wall in my living deep black? I have to admit that after discovering the size of the new television, I thought it would be best to paint the wall behind it as dark as possible, a good excuse also to go back to black as I really missed a dark wall at home.

I love this ambience, black always feels a little chique, almost like a hotel lobby, everything black in front of it kind of disappears and everything else really stands out. The Philips 4K Oled television is huge, I never had a television this big and really do not fancy most of them. This one made out of aluminium and steel is a real design object though which even if you are like me, not into gadgets but do love design, really can appreciate.

This Summer I changed the layout of my living and for the first time since I live here my couch doesn’t stand in front of the long wall or the window, remember I created the six meter bench! This means that the television is two meters further away and not longer part of the sitting area I created, and it’s not always easy to read subtitles when watching a movie or your favourite series.

I have been told that thanks to the ultra black pixels and the Ambilight light effects of the Philips 4K Oled, the result is the clearest and most vivid picture Philips ever had to offer and watching from a further distance has become way easier now, this gives me so much more options for the layout of my living. I do love to watch television but really does not fancy a sitting area designed around it.

Nothing can beat a black wall and I totally love this new corner in my living, as you can see I improvised a bit and I still need to hang the television on the wall or find a fitting cabinet for it, I haven’t decide yet, and thought I could shop for inspiration at one of the interior fairs I will be visiting in January, any tips and ideas are welcome! 

– written in collaboration with Philips –