December 30, 2017

Black walls and a fire place at home | Masterplan 2.0

I am still working on my masterplan 2.0, a lot slower then I thought it would go though but let's face it, there aren't just enough hours in a day right! I have nothing to complain work wise except for not getting any further with things at home as fast as I would like. Finishing the changes in my kitchen is now taking some months, despite the hard work of my friend who is coming over to do magic with her paint brushes when we find a little time to continue the job.

I did made some changes though though! I have a new kitchen bench instead of the numerous amount of chairs and I love it! I am still looking for some small tiles for the backsplash and other things too and I hope to share it with you later when the wall is finished and when making some new pictures. 

Meanwhile I came across an amazing fireplace by Ewald Bosgoed .... I am so in love and need to go back to his store some day soon to see if we can collaborate on something, I posted the picture below on Instagram where you might have been drooling over it already.

I love this time of the year a
nd luckily I started to feel better over Christmas when the kids and some friends came over, I even managed to cook my kids favourite dishes for dinner and we had a lovely evening after all. 

For Christmas we got a Philips 4K Oled television and I know it's a bit cheesy and it's not a real fire place but oh my.... Since taking the television out of the box I have been enjoying the different fire places available through Netflix in between watching my favourite series these days. The moving fire, the sound, I love everything of it and with the amazing Ambilight effect it all seems so real, what else can you wish for this time of the year.

written in collaboration with Philps