December 29, 2017

Forest house by Fearon Hay

Dark timber floors, spacious areas, enormous cast concrete pillars and different zones for working, living, eating, entertaining and sleeping. I am pretty impressed by this home found on The Local Project, an Australian website born out of a desire to showcase New Zealand's rich design industry. Read more about this home here.

pictures Simon Wilson & Amelia Holmes


Abi | These Four Walls blog said...

What a stunning space! The light and textures are incredible, and it looks so warm and inviting for an industrial scheme.

Millie Simon said...

Ohh woow this interior is wonderful! Due to the timber, the lighting has such a mysterious and sultry effect, I love it! Thanks for sharing x

Millie x

Craig said...

Nice arrangements..looks like vintage yet sophisticated..

Simon said...

I like it! It's spacious and smooth.