Serax expands ‘La Nouvelle Table’ with Meal X 3

‘La Nouvelle Table’ by Merci for Serax is one of the collections I am really enthusiastic about and daily use at home. I guess it is the ultimate dinnerware to slowly expand without feeling to guilty to spent a fortune on, buying a piece every now and then. I have to admit I love the small piles of dishes and plates on display in my kitchen and can get really happy just looking at them. If you have no idea where I am talking about have a look at this post I wrote previously: La Nouvelle table | New dinnerware by Merci for Serax and go here if you like to purchase some yourself  

Especially when having small bites, or eating sushi it is such fun to fill the small plates with ginger, soy sauce and different rolls. I often make some miso soup when eating sushi, using columbian black dinnerware, which is one of my other obsessions, just like the seven pieces dinnerware by Nelson Sepulveda.
With their MEAL x 3 collection the designers now go for all-in-one-bowl dishes and just like the small dishes they can be used for a variety of dishes, soup, noodles but also morning cereals.  The MEAL x 3 comes in red, green, or white enamelled stoneware and includes spoons and bowls in three shapes and sizes. At home I combine the black, brown and white stoneware and a series of white meal x 3 bowls is definitely on my wishlist!

pictures © serax