A Parisian SPA in wabi sabi style

French architect Emmanuelle Simon is responsible for the design of this beautiful spa in Paris, it was created by French-Japanese brand Evidens de Beauté in celebration of their 10th Anniversary.  I think the colour palette of this minimalistic place is amazing and it is all I am dreaming of for my Masterplan 2.0

The small metal shelves are beautiful and almost floating, showing a few pieces of ceramics.  A few other ceramic pieces can be found around the spa placed on tiled shelves and in the wooden window sills. The ceramic lamps on the wall are from the Rakù-Yaki Collection by Emmanuelle Simon, more examples on her website, have a look, they are pretty amazing !



Design by Emmanuelle Simon | photography Benoit Linero and Damien de Medeiros
La Maison Evidens de Beauté, 31 rue Boissière 75016 Paris.
© Images courtesy of Emmanuelle Simon Press