Private home visit | Pernille Hell of Sacrecoeur | 3days of Design

When visiting Copenhagen for 3 days of Design I had the pleasure to visit the private home of Pernille Hell. Pernille is the owner of Sacrecoeur, a design store she started in 1997, and her home is filled with selected design from the past plus some of her own she sells in her store. In case you did not got the change to visit this hidden gem I made some Iphone shots, enjoy!

Pernille:”It is our philosophy to have a relaxed attitude to interior design and decoration. Following what we believe in, making our own trends. It is not a secret that we love historical design, and we are always searching openminded and dedicated after that something – and that’s the fascinating thing, digging into this amazing world of design & art.”

“You feel that you just started learning, even though being in the business for 20 years, the world is still so beautifully stocked with both talented historical and contemporary designers and there creations”

pictures ©vosgesparis