Solid Formations by Stine Mikkelsen | Ventura Future 2018 favourite

I kind of missed the simple days we just spent at the beautiful raw and industrial Lambrata, don’t you? Like last year I thought I would have enough time to visit Ventura Centrale, and I ended up only visiting one of the three Ventura locations…  where I was leaded through a building that was in the middle of a renovation project, offering a minimum and unfinished decor for the different designers. Stine Mikkelsen was by far my favourite.

Inspired by Italian geology, Stine Mikkelsen presented a collection of sculptural objects with two newly developed composite materials. Composites where respectively marble and volcanic ash are the primary materials. The shapes of the objects are inspired by the forces of nature and the contrast between the natural landscape and the geometric formations created by humans in for instance quarries where natural resources are excavated.

Studio Stine Mikkelsen
Stine Mikkelsen is a Copenhagen-based material researcher and manipulator working within the field of experimental product design. Through creating textures that do not allow for immediate determination of the material or production  method, she wants to evoke wondering in us all and provide us with an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the objects.

With a background in textile design, materials have a primary role for her in both the process as well as in the final objects. By challenging and refining methods from this field, unexpected things occur which lead to new ways of making and producing. Through this, she not only challenges the way we understand textile and product design, she also modernises the notion of crafts.


pictures  ©vosgesparis

These pictures were made during Milan design week 2018, find all my posts on the blog under ‘Milan design week’ and have a look at this Milan design week Pinterest album for more pictures