Kitchen inspiration | Smoked oak and stone

With Summer officially starting tomorrow I am enjoying every bit of sun and to be honest its hard to find the time to keep up regular blogging or read any blogs myself, we have some projects to finish before Summer break and I decided to just go with the flow. I am a lot on Instagram like many of you and it is a great source to find beautiful projects and homes.
My next home project is to finally finish the kitchen wall, which seems to be taking ages. I want to try out something new and will use my Summer break next month to hopefully finish this project. The kitchen in this minimalistic villa located in Copenhagen is designed by Norm Architects who restored and rebuilt the historic villa after a devastating fire is certainly a great inspiration.

Smoked oak is definitely one of my favourite materials, this kitchen in smoked oak with bronzed brass handles was designed for Danish kitchen manufacturer Reform and is on my wish list for ages, I am not the owner of a method kitchen which is the base of this beauty but one can dream and get inspired.  

pictures © Norm Architects