Manifest Cabinet | Studio apartment visit | 3 days of design

How did you like the pictures of the building in my former post Købmandsgården tour with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen are you up for more raw and unpolished? Last year I showed you the minimalistic Frama studio apartment already, this year the apartment formed the backdrop of the Frama collection and was it the Manifest Cabinet that caught my eye!
The Manifest Cabinet is inspired by how windows can opens and close and therefor the doors has thin wooden frames and large glass pieces with discreet metal key looking handles. With an integrated clothing rack made of solid copper tube and several glass shelves the cabinet is versatile in use. The Cabinet has partly its origin as a vintage cabinet, large knotted brass mesh that creates the back-drop of the piece is originally from a former watch maker store to cover the windows after closing hour. The brass piano supports with blue porcelain wheels if from Grass in Vienna.

With all personal items almost taken out of sight, the partly unfinished parts of the apartment and the different furniture even more stood out, also check out the small detail in the bathroom where both mirror and handsoap are placed on an iron shelf… food for thought!

pictures ©vosgesparis