A first look at the new MENU AW 18 News

I am still on holidays and enjoying as much sun and sea as I can before heading to Scandinavia next week, beside posting some stories on Instagram and two or three pictures in my feed I am not really doing much online. And to be honest what else do you need when you are surrounded by beautiful nature and the sea at your doorstep. In the evening however I scroll a bit around before going to sleep and I can’t help noticing the many new collections that are being released on the first fairs again.

Menu released a brand new brand book this week and I really love the lifestyle pictures all shot in a more lifely setting then we are used too, I think a big part is shot in real home instead of a studio showing perfectly the many new looks and items of the collection. I downloaded a few pictures to give you an impression of how it looks and a sneak peek into the new brand book.

TR Bulb shiny opal | Afteroom stool
 Afteroom stool | Carrie
Androgyne side table

Harbour chair | Snaregade table | Cyclade vase
 Afteroom chair | PLUS Snaregade table | Hubert Suspension