NORR11 X DENHAM | 10 years of DENHAM the jeanmaker

Those who follow me on Amsterdam Next have come across Denham the Jeanmaker and maybe visited one of the many stores throughout the Amsterdam city centre. Next to being known for their fashion label they are also known for their collaborations with other creatives in the industry. For their 10th anniversary Denham teamed up once more with one of my favourite Scandinavian brands NORR11

Jason Denham, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker: “Scandinavians are famous for their interiors, and NORR11 shares my love for contemporary design, premium quality, and icon-inspired pieces. We had such a great reaction to the first indigo mammoth chair we made, that we decided to create a 10-piece collection for DENHAM’s 10th anniversary.”

A 10-piece collection including bar stools, dining chairs, a daybed, lounge chairs and ottomans will be available soon at Denham stores worldwide including Amsterdam, Hamburg, Shanghai and Tokyo. Especially for this collection a unique indigo leather has been produced by the Danish textiles brand 
Sørensen, I showed a few of Sørensen’s earlier collaborations on the blog and they are truly amazing in what they do, actually I hope to show you a new picture wall with some images of their work we previously used in our apartment shoot after Summer. 

pictures courtesy Denham the Jeanmaker