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Brass is still some of my favourite materials and I love to see new furniture pieces and lighting design hitting the market. What I really wonder though… could brass shutters be the next big thing? With the soft greys in my bedroom and a white ceiling lamp… see my last  post for a selection of lamps I want to choose from! I might add a touch of brass to the room for a bit of a shiny touch, it would really fit the colour scheme of greys and wood don’t you think.  

I see brass used in great ways, including window shutters, I first noticed some really cool ones at the Frama store, see pictured below and also in the apartment designed by Dubrovska studio, I saw beautiful brass shutters used in the bedroom and bathroom. 

Frama store – Copenhagen


Metal is definitely trending and I couldn’t be happier. Designers are working with metal plates with different structures and patterns, the Manifest cabinet is another good example and so is the cabinet by IKEA, we used in our shoot for Quickstep, pictured above. And how about the amazing cabinet I spotted at Oliver Gustav?

When painting the bedroom I said goodbye to my big industrial locker and I am thinking of what next. I simply love how Pernille Hell spray-tanned an IKEA cabinet into an eye catcher: Private home visit | Pernille Hell of Sacrecoeur Looking forward to go on the look for something new to store my clothes and bedding, any tips are welcome! 

Back to brass and an all time favourite, the brass lamps by Frama CPH, I often wonder if there is anything I don’t like from their collection. Anyway it would be a nice simple and elegant feature. Alternatively a small brass table would do the trick I have a real beauty in my living but wouldn’t mind a small round one in the bedroom, like this one from HAY, again spotted in the apartment by Dubrovska Studio.



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