Choosing art and a bedroom update | My home

I must admit I am not really an art connaisseur and I never really search for the perfect wall decoration. Like with most things I listen to my feelings and just do or don’t like things, there is not something in between I guess, which is good as in that way only the things I really love will remain. I often just come across a picture or poster at places I visit, like at an exhibition or museum store and sometimes I hang my own pictures on the wall.

The Greige series by Fino Prydz immediately caught my eye after seeing them on Instagram. I wrote about his work earlier on the blog: Minimal Art by Fino Prydz. I think I may say that although there is a difference in background, country and age we share a common interest and it is great to find and follow like minded people and exchange the things you come across.

You might have noticed some blog silence lately as we went to Spain where we got to photograph two amazing hotels in Barcelona. Coming home from a short break always makes me want to move things around and back home I found a beautiful present from Fino on my doorstep. Thank you! 

I wanted to try out my Frama bench next to the bed for a long time, and seeing it today I decided I ‘need’ a second one as it looks perfect in my bedroom. Also the new bedlinen from Aiayu looks great, no need to say it sleeps as good as it looks and I think I will buy some extra pillow cases in Midnight blue.

Framing artwork
Most artwork I hang for a longer period but I have one spot in my hallway where I added these very handy Magnetic STiiCKs that enables me to change prints very often without having to find and hang a new frame every time. This is also the place where I hang prints that were sent to me to view, or from collaborations.

pictures & styling by me. 

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