A new minimalistic kitchen in solid wood | Reform X Dinesen

At home I am about to change a few things in my kitchen, I am actually planning things since last Summer, but time passed by while painting and being undecided what else to change beside taking of the huge and shiny extractor…. I guess I was also maybe not totally happy with how the colour came out at the end and although I was looking for a more softer look, I secretly also missed the black backsplash.

Eventually I will find a solution to make it work again, meanwhile I am looking around and dreaming away after an email I received about the new ‘UP’ kitchen from my friends at Reform that I love to share with you. 

For those who are not familiar yet with Reform, they are a Copenhagen based company that uses IKEA’s metod line of kitchen elements as a base giving everyone the opportunity to have a new designed or update their kitchen with architect designed fronts and table tops with a very affordable total price. 

UP – Minimalistic design in solid wood
Reform recently launched a brand new kitchen design in collaboration with
Lendager Group, who is a real game changer when it comes to sustainability by ensuring that materials are circulated and kept at their highest possible value at all times benefiting both the individual project, people and planet. 

It has been a wish of Reform’s founders for years to offer a sustainable kitchen design and working together with Lendager group this dream could be realized, resulting in their latest kitchen ‘UP’ 

The new ‘UP’ kitchen is a minimalistic design in solid wood with respect for the materials and our environment. A high-quality circular kitchen using recycled wood from the exclusive and world-renowned flooring manufacturer Dinesen.

Reform: “Lendager Group has exclusive rights to use the surplus wood from Dinesen, which was the last little part that made this collaboration a perfect fit. In an exclusive company like Dinesen, customer-specific solutions are produced, which generates large amounts of residual wood. Therefore, the kitchen consists of cuts that are left when Dinesen has supplied floors to galleries, restaurants, mansions, and the like – which combined with its positive impact on the environment only enriches the story of the design even further.”