An amazing white home by a Swedish blogger

After a few days crying out loud, well not really of course, because Summer seems to be almost over. I am finally getting a bit on track again with both the blog and catching up with the online news. Busy strolling through the blogs of some of my online friends to see what they have been up to blogging wise and cleaning my home after five weeks of travels and staying home doing nothing else but enjoying the sun in between… How I loved this Summer!

While most of the blogs went on a kind of Summer break I did found some news around like the wonderful news update of my friend Allan of Bungalow5DK and his couch design collab with Sofa company. On his blog I also came across a wonderful home and story of a girl who is running a blog just like me for over ten years but I never ever heard of before… and she seems so well known in Sweden. Now I ask you how can this be?

Sweden’s most successful blogger, Isabella Löwengrip started blogging when she was only 14 years old and now has build not only a successful business but is sharing here everyday life with more than 1,5 million readers. Her brand new home is just amazing and totally up my alley, seems like a dream she worked for very hard. 

pictures courtesy  Isabella Löwengrip