Minimalistic inspiration | Basic pieces for your home | Voice

These days when Summer is a bit on its return I automatically seem to start making new plans for my home, what can be better, what to change and how to display the souvenirs I brought back from my holidays. Although my home often can be messy because things come and go and I keep moving things around, I do love structure!

I have always loved the minimalist approach when it comes to decorating and I feel we can still learn so much from Japan and do not need that many furniture! Instead of lots of furniture I love to have a few pieces only.  I am still dreaming about a couch that could form a small island in my living. 

A good couch is definitely one of the basic pieces you need in my opinion. When we have more space it is great to also add a daybed, I really love those and they are just perfect to add an open and airy extra sitting place in your sitting area if you do not really like extra chairs. 

Daybed ‘Norm’ is one of the five products Mattias Stenberg created for Voice, the daybed transforms into a sofa and a generously proportioned stool, both of which are very simple in form, with minimal detailing, I think it totally fits the principle of a minimalistic interior to have a piece of furniture you can use in different ways. 

Shelves are beautiful to display the things we love most. At the moment I use the four metal shelves by MENU and I think they are just perfect. Sometimes though I would love to have a few more, not to fill them up with stuff but more because a few empty shelves would let even more stand out the pieces you love, I believe.

Shelvings like the one above would give some more options, how do you like this system by Swedish Voice I think it is pretty perfect, offering enough space and blending in without asking to much attention in the room. 

An even more Japanese feeling because of the very light design is the library shelf by Frama CPH here pictured by me at Copenhagen store last year. This kind of shelving exist in different sizes and wood types with slight changes. One of the first wall-hung furniture systems might have been ‘The Royal System’, designed by Poul Cadovius in 1948. dk3 acquired the rights to revive and reintroduce this Danish classic eight years ago. 

pictures by voice | last picture by Vosgesparis