Karimoku X Norm Architects | New wooden furniture

It is not the first time I have seen Danish designers and architects travelling to Japan to learn and work together with different Japanese furniture manufacturers and craftsman. I love to follow these travel stories and with Japan high on my travel bucket list it is a pleasure to also see some of their personal discoveries during their trips.

These pictures are made during a recent visit of Danish Norm architects who have designed a series of furniture for an interior renovation project in Tokyo in collaboration with Japan’s largest wooden furniture manufacturer, Karimoku, with Keiji Ashizawa Design and Torafu Architects having also participated in the workshops, designing furniture for specific spaces, including a private home and office space. 

Norm Architects: “During the factory workshop, designers and manufacturers gathered around each prototype, sharing input and opinions in order for solutions to be thought out in collaboration. Japan and Denmark share traditions in their approach to furniture design and cabinetry, and the Karimoku collaboration was an opportunity to investigate that, and learn and benefit from each other”

“The result of the Karimoku x Norm Architects collaboration is a series of functional, high quality wooden furniture that speak with their surroundings rather than make a statement, carrying references to both Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics and design traditions.”

Photos: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Masaki Ogawa