A new Vipp kettle | Travel w/ Style kitchen shoot

Going through my mailbox the other day I stumbled upon an email from Vipp and the release of a new electric kettle, the latest addition to Vipp’s collection of kitchen accessories. It took five years to finetune the design and with its powder-coated black surface perfectly matching the Vipp kitchen. Now this is what I call a kettle, I think I am the last person on earth not using one because I refuse to put a piece of plastic on my countertop… even if I know it will be real time saver. 

Its bringing back great memories from our very first w/ Style trip abroad photographing the kitchen in both The Loft in Copenhagen and maybe even more exciting at The Vipp shelter at lake Immeln. I have to confess I often think back of our stay at the shelter wondering how it would look now…how green are the trees, would the lake be perfect for a swim today… and how would it be to have a tea at the small dock before lighting the fire, it is such a magic place I hope to come back one day. 

Morten Bo Jensen: “The design of the Vipp electric kettle borrows its shape from the old-school dome-shaped kettle used over heat, yet with the convenience of electrical heating. With its powder-coated black surface and handle, this kettle guarantees a tactile boiling experience. The grooved spout in stainless steel, the organically shaped handle, and soft rubber details are nods to Vipp’s recognisable design DNA.”

“The kettle is developed with a double surface providing insulation that makes the surface heat-proof and keeps the water heated for a longer time. The kettle carries a mechanical design expression with only a discreet toggle button and small LED on/off indicator interrupting the smooth, black surface.” 

Kettle product pictures ©vipp
pictures from our stay at the shelter and loft © w/ Style 

photography Wen van Woudenberg | styling Desiree Groenendal